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The Pieces Fit is a community focused on raising awareness about social and political issues that the mainstream media refuses to cover.
Our name describes the two main objectives of our activity :

Connecting facts, ideas and new perspectives: We’re here to fit the pieces of the puzzle and show a bigger picture of our reality. We cannot fully understand our social and economic problems if we don't put them in the context of human history. The environmental crisis and its importance can't be comprehended if we don't look at the bigger picture of the evolution of life and our part in it. Once the information is put into context we can start understanding and locating the underlying source of our problems, instead of focusing on the symptoms
Connecting activists : Corporations and governments are rapidly losing their media monopoly in favor of independent authors, artists, journalists and bloggers. Our role is to help activists get their voice heard by using this website platform, as well as our social media networks.


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