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Ecological Crisis

"We believe there is compelling evidence that damage to humans and the worldwide environment, is of such magnitude and seriousness that new principles for conducting human activities are necessary." - Wingspread Conference Center. January 1998.

Demand for an international law on ecocide

Vivienne and Andreas will be supporting End Ecocide, a global campaign aimed at protecting ecosystems, on which all life on earth depends.
The agenda behind End Ecocide is to make the destruction of ecosystems a crime. A crime for which those in positions of superior responsibility can be held criminally accountable for.
Watch this video to learn more about why Vivienne and Andreas are supporting End Ecocide.


  • Barnet

    I am ready to support this cause, but how? This system make us so stupid,that it is difficult to break free ...

    Barnet Thursday, 08 September 2016 08:52 Comment Link
  • Marilyn

    It is not progress if it is destroying animals, ecosystems, and or environment.

    Marilyn Friday, 02 January 2015 05:59 Comment Link

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