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Despite decades of efforts, deforestation is still a major environmental issue on every continent. Stopping deforestation is particularly hard because of the myriad of human activities that result in destroying pristine forests : palm oil production, meat production, monoculture, tar sands development, timber industry...
We have the power to stop deforestation by making informed choices, by lobbying to governments and corporations and of course by informing others.

Protect Paradise: An Animation about Palm Oil

Palm oil is an ingredient in thousands of products we use every day. But palm oil has a dirty secret: forest destruction. Every year, thousands of hectares of Indonesian rainforest and peatlands - some of the most biodiverse regions on the planet - are being destroyed to make way for new palm oil plantations. We don't have to clear forests for palm oil - solutions exist and some companies are on track to supply clean, responsible palm oil. But we need to take urgent action.

We are calling on companies to guarantee their products are free from forest destruction. Clean, responsible palm oil is possible. Join the movement now, and help to Protect Paradise.

Source | Greenpeace 

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