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Delicious holiday dish: Sarma à la Acho

Delicious holiday dish: Sarma à la Acho

Ingredients :

- sour cabbage leaves, /Sauerkraut/ (You will easily find them in German, East european or Oriental shops)

- carrots 

- paprikas

- mushrooms

- rice

- onions

- spices : ground cumin, black peper, savory, jamaica pepper, bay leaf, sweet paprika

Step #1 : Chop the carrots and the paprikas and saute them until soft




Step #2 : Dice the mushrooms, season them, and cook them until they lose most of their water. Season with ground cumin and savory or whatever spices you like your mushrooms with. 


Step #3 Chop the onions and saute them for a 2-3 min. Add the rice and fry it while stirring for another minute. 



Step #4 Mix the vegetables together with the mushrooms, and add half of them to the rice and onions.



Step #5 : Remove the hard parts from your cabbage leaves, fill them with the rice and veggies mixture and roll the Sarmi. 


Step #5: Place them in a glass/ceramic pot. I like to add extra vegetables between the layers of sarma, that's why we kept a part of the vegetables aside.  




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