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New solar LED lantern and charger for regions without access to electricity

  • Tuesday, 05 November 2013 14:27
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New solar LED lantern and charger for regions without access to electricity © Panansonic

Panansonic has revealed its new solar lantern directed at regions that have little or no access to electricity. The BG-BL03 Solar LED Lantern features a 3.5 watt solar panel and LED lantern that offers 360 degree illumination and also features a USB charging dock for cell phones.

The lantern can be charged in about six hours and then it offers six hours of use at the maximum brightness setting and up to 90 hours at the lowest setting. These lanterns give people a much better alternative than the kerosene lamps that are often used, which emit toxic fumes and provide poor light.

© Panansonic

© Panansonic

The USB dock can charge a cell phone in two hours and a fully charged battery can charge a cell phone once or twice.

Panasonic will launch the product in Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia, followed by other countries. This initiative is part of its "100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project," where the company has committed to donating a total of 100,000 solar electric lights to people in regions of the world without electricity by 2018.

Article credits : http://www.treehugger.com/gadgets/panasonic-starts-selling-solar-led-lantern-and-charger-developing-regions.html

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