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Currently most natural psychedelics substances are treated in the same way as the most dangerous and addictive substances. We're not here to promote their use to anyone, but to us it's very important that people realize that there is a lot of medical and scientific potential in most of the naturally occurring hallucinogens.
Making nature illegal and denying the knowledge of thousands of years of ancient practices is a desperate reaction of oppressive institution that sees itself threatened by the powerful boundary dissolving effects of the psychedelic experience. Decades of systematic indoctrination can easily melt during just a couple of hours of shamanic trance.
The western world rediscovered the profound effects of many substances during the last century and the wave of new understanding is echoing stronger than ever before today. If we are going to find our way back into balance with nature we have to change our stigmatic approach on psychedelics and accept them as one of several very potent tools that nature has given to us.

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