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Discrimination is everywhere around us, yet it is something not natural, it's something that society teaches us from childhood. Discrimination has been used throughout the ages as a tool to divide and control populations. The attention of the public is diverted to a vulnerable minority group of society which gets blamed for the ongoing economic, political  and social problems. It's easier to unite people around vague slogans and a common enemy rather than tackling the real problems often created by the same powers that are supposed to solve them.

The base of all discrimination is the same : an imaginary concept of separation and superiority - men work better than women, gay people go to hell, poor people are lazy, drug addicts are irresponsible, immigrants are a danger for the economy, wealthy people feeling entitled to their wealth... All the sorts of discrimination are just the fruits of an oppressive dominator style patriarchy that manifests itself in all the aspects of our modern culture :  economy, education, politics, our relation with nature etc. People are discriminated on basis of things that don't matter in order to divide people and scare them away from each other.

The world will change only when we all join our hands and see our differences as the rich basis for a future of abundance.

A 90-year-old man and two pastors  were arrested in Fort Lauderdale, on Sunday for sharing food with the homeless. The arrest happened because of a new ban on public food sharing that took effect last Friday which imposed…
  That's according to Van Jones, founder of Green for All and environmental and civil rights advocate. But Jones says it's not just that the staffs of many large, mainstream environmental organizations have been historically mostly white –…
Vincent Warren, Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, details a case of racial profiling by New York Police Department officers, and the response by the community of color. Complete video available for free at :
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