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Crimes against humanity

War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide did not end with WW II. Many are talking about a third world war, but it takes a brief look at the news to understand that war, poverty and misery are already widespread throughout most of the globe and affect the bigger part of humanity.

Mainstream media often refuses to cover many important stories that affect the life of whole populations. Instead they choose to focus on a couple of conflicts that are mediatized and where they are vigorously fighting to present the story in most profitable way. 

Social media is already shifting the power away from corporate and government controlled information, and giving it in the hands of ordinary people. Raising awareness about all the important and undercovered issues is already being part of their solution.

Let the world know about the genocide and destruction of West Papua Featured

An insightful report that gets to the heart of the West Papuan struggle for independence. The documentary was filmed in 1999.

For many years journalists were not allowed in the province by the Indonesian army and western corporate media has no interest in reporting on the subject, Papuans have found themselves ignored from most of humanity. Even though some foreign journalists were granted permits to vist many parts of Indonesia, access to Papua was restricted. Journalists who were granted access were followed and restricted in their activities. In May, 2010, the French journalist Baudouin Koenig was arrested by the Indonesian police because he was taking photos of a peaceful demonstration in the city of Jayapura. even though he was in possession of a journalist's visa that permitted him to write reports about all parts of Indonesia, including the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Last month, Papuan governor Lukas Enembe has promised to allow reporters into the region for the first time in years. "In the past there has been a de facto ban on foreign journalists travelling to West Papua. This change in position comes on the back of three West Papuans entering the Australian consulate in Bali to request that the international community pressure Indonesia to open up the region to journalists and NGOs."  said Australia's  Greens senator Richard Di Natale, the party's spokesman on West Papua.

Aside from the brutal treatment, the rapes, the assassinations and massacres another kind of crime against peace is also committed on the same land. Western, Asian and Australian corporations are ravaging the rainforest at catastrophic rate. The magnificent ecosystem is being destroyed for the profit of the timber and palm oil industries.

The easiest and fastest way for us to help them is to let the world hear their story. With the formal lift of the ban on journalists we can hope to attract more attention to the issue and force big media to report on the subject ! We could never find a solution to the problem if we're already not aware of its existence. Everybody is talking about interventions all the time and we destroy countries and nations in the name of peace and democracy, but we turn a blind eye to the brutal massacre of an indigenous population and the savage destruction of one of the few remaining rainforests.

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues, let them know what you saw. Help us attract more people to the problem and together we will find solutions.

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