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Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is recognized as a human right by most developed countries, but its application remains completely theoretical. In the world we live in, it is not the best political, scientific or artistic ideas that become popular, but instead those that are most profitable. An enormous propaganda machine controls most of the information that people have access to. Public opinion and taste is being carefully shaped by the ruling elite in the attempt to create a population of obedient slaves that don't have the mental capacity to challenge their rule.
There is no freedom of speech, and without it, there is no democracy. We are all born with the indisputable power of expressing ourselves. Evolution gave us the enormous potential by allowing us to share ideas and complex or abstract concepts. This natural gift brought us all the cultural and technological development throughout history.
Today we have developed incredible means of communications that allow us to instantly share ideas with people around the globe. Information has no real limits, and if it wasn't for the serious efforts by corporations and oppressive governments to restrain it, we would live in a world where arts, technologies and science would thrive and push humanity back into balance and abundance.


5 tips on how to use your Facebook to change the world

5 tips on how to use your Facebook to change the world


We'd all like to live in a better world as soon as possible. Many of us want to participate actively in the process of change but they either feel too small to make a difference or they don't really know where to start. If you're reading this, you're most likely "a fan" of an activist Facebook page and these tips are written precicely for you! Here are some simple guidelines for social media that might help you have a bigger impact on the global shift without losing time or energy.

TIP #1 The difference between social media and normal media : Throughout all history the power to reach people and to send out a message has always been kept in the hands of rulers and wealthy people. Today the internet and social media provide us with a powerful tool that puts the potential to reach people in the hands of individuals. This said, Facebook has turned into a giant profit making machine and their latest algorythms make it very difficult for pages who don't have huge financial means to reach their audience. If you want to take away the power from money and give it to the people you have to become an active part of the process, on social media YOU are the media. 

TIP #2 Comment : The internet has opened great opportunities in front of us. Never before in the past we were able to communicate with people all over the world with such ease. Everything is far from perfect, but for the first time we can exchange ideas between cultures freely. Express your thoughts and listen to others because the world is thirsty for good ideas. Furthermore comments increase the visibility of posts and engage more people in the debate !

TIP #3 Be active regularly ! : We want to have real impact and reach a lot of people, and the only way to do so is to create a constant flow of new information and ideas. The combination of your regular involvement : (likes, shares, comments) and the regular work of the admins will give more power to the activists , alternative writter, journalists and producers. Huge ressources are being invested in spreading ideas and behaviour patterns that are destructive for the consumers and the envinronment. We can only stand a chance against the corporate control of the media and of people's minds if we work actively toghether.

TIP # 4 Send Content : If you see an article, an image or a video and you think that more people should see it, send it to the pages that you like. This helps both the admins of the pages who are constantly looking for interesting/important content and their audience gets to see information from more diverse sources.

TIP 5# Get more people involved ! : It's not about just inviting all of your friends in Facebook to an activist page or cause, this would only work with people who are already involved, and let's face it, most people hate tons of invites for games, groups etc. What would be much more effective is to talk to your friends and family in real life about some of the issues that you find important and let them know where they can find more information like this – a certain activist Facebook page, a blog or a website. Let them know that their participation is going to be very useful and that they are an important part of the ongoing process of change ! If we want to create a brighter future for us and our children, we will have to do much more than being active on Facebook. But this future is not going to come if we don't create the right type of culture and this can only happen through all types of media. Social media is a new very powerful tool that we can choose to use it for much more than trivial information.

Share this article with your friends and let them know in what way they can get more involved ! 

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