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Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is recognized as a human right by most developed countries, but its application remains completely theoretical. In the world we live in, it is not the best political, scientific or artistic ideas that become popular, but instead those that are most profitable. An enormous propaganda machine controls most of the information that people have access to. Public opinion and taste is being carefully shaped by the ruling elite in the attempt to create a population of obedient slaves that don't have the mental capacity to challenge their rule.
There is no freedom of speech, and without it, there is no democracy. We are all born with the indisputable power of expressing ourselves. Evolution gave us the enormous potential by allowing us to share ideas and complex or abstract concepts. This natural gift brought us all the cultural and technological development throughout history.
Today we have developed incredible means of communications that allow us to instantly share ideas with people around the globe. Information has no real limits, and if it wasn't for the serious efforts by corporations and oppressive governments to restrain it, we would live in a world where arts, technologies and science would thrive and push humanity back into balance and abundance.


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