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Paradigm shift

If you're on this website, you are most probably already aware of the global awakening that is taking place. We are finding ourselves in a very peculiar moment in human history, a period which will be decisive for the future of our species and bio system.
When we came down from the trees we had to work together to survive and this pushed the limits of our communication. Language became our strongest evolutionary tool that we used throughout history to give ourselves comfort and create civilization.
Evolution is now calling us again to unite and reinforce our communication even further. We have developed all the skills, knowledge and technologies that we require in order to create a world of peace and balance for all forms of life. The clock is ticking away and we either have to embrace our responsibility or we'll have to face dramatic social and ecological consequences.
People are opening their eyes to the realities of all the aspects of our existence – our oppressive economies, segregated societies and the massive destruction of our own habitat. We need to rethink the base of our activities and this can only be possible if people from all the corners of the world join hands and find the solution together.

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We spend over 15 years of our lives watching TV. Have you ever thought about what that's doing to your brain? Credits :

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